Taikai are amazing bonding experiences for all participants, due to the fact that participants aren’t competing against each other, but rather demonstrating their skills directly to the judges. Everyone is experiencing the same feelings – feeling the desire to give their best efforts, feeling the same butterflies before stepping on the stage, feeling the same relief after it’s over. This experience is something which only people who’ve participated in taikai can understand, and thus sharing the experience together is an incredible bonding experience which builds deep friendships for a lifetime!

Furthermore, as a practitioner in an artform, it’s very inspiring to be in an event where there’s a high energy of enthusiasm for the art. Everyone is there because they have gone through, or going through, the personal journey required for self-developing skills. And thus, being surrounded by dozens or hundreds of practitioners who’ve all gone through this self-reflective process, you become saturated with a “let’s do the best we can” attitude for the instrument everyone involved shares a love for. Such an overarching mindset instills a very happy and optimistic feeling in everyone participating.

Taiko Taikai

As such taikai are a mainstay of cultural events in Japan, the goal of the Taiko Taikai is to bring this intimate communal experience to North America so the North American Taiko Community can enjoy it as well!